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Do you ever feel lost? In life?

Honestly sometimes, I feel as if people think I am some super human beamed out of some special planet that makes my life perfect and I experience nothing that will hurt me confuse me, or cause me pain in any way. Oh you have come to believe a big, BIG lie.

I got this question sent to me on Facebook yesterday. Do you ever feel lost? In life? Yes. Yes I do. Shoot the last two weeks has been crazy. I had a fever first for like 3 days. That caused me to watch BOTH season of Stranger things in like two days, cause I just sat on my couch that whole span of over 72 hours like this:

But anyways, YES, I do feel lost in life. Ever writing this I'm like, "Is this even how blogs should be written? Is this good enough? Will anyone even care to read?" But yes, yes they will read cause its me. Sometimes you have to tell yourself: PEOPLE do support me. People will enjoy it. because the people that value me want to hear my thoughts, and what I have to say!

One thing that I have realized in this journey called life, is that you just need to start and you'll learn along the the way. Sometimes, most times, you just don't know and it's okay not to know everything. But that shouldn't stop you from starting. There is a scripture that has been ringing in my mind the last two days: For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. Romans 8:19

The world is waiting for the MANIFESTATION of the fullness of YOU.

What that means is that you have to start to bring the fullness of you out through your passions and dreams and talents and gifts and show the world what you were born to do. Is that easy? Nope! Really hard actually. The people that are called and chosen to live a life of influence and example, are actually called to live a life of faith, hardship and trials.

(ps I love me some Meghan Markle)

Why do I have to go through this though? Because how can you be an influence if you haven't gone through the pain of getting there? Sure enough the reason that a person is inspiring is because they are at a spot that you're not, and they are pushing you, knowingly, or unknowingly, to become a better version of you. Right? So yes I struggle.

And I struggle hard. I witness things I question God about all the time. I go through painful things that the world doesn't see because somehow it doesn't register on my face that my internal world is crumbling before my eyes. I put up walls higher than the CN Tower, to protect myself but really I trap myself inside and yes I don't know hoe to get out of them. I am worst critic and I struggle hard to keep going when life gets rough. I don't think you realize how hard life is sometimes for me. I always say my pretty pictures mean nothing when my heart is hurting.

The most important thing is to not give up.

Don't stop. Easier said than done. I'll say it again, don't give up!

Always believe that tomorrow will be better. That once the dust settles that things will be amazing and that life at the horizon will be good. And remember, it's okay to be here, but know things will get better.


With that said, here are:

3 tips on how to get grounded & get back to you:

1. Have a conversation with a friend (or random) about your passions. Include hugs.

I sooooo needed this yesterday, gladly my friend Jena was there to hold me as I cried. I walked into church, didn't even say hi, and I just hugged her and cried. Sometimes that is all I need. Then i continued having a very deep passionate conversation with my friend Simi, We have known each other for a while, but we never really had a talk talk. If you know what I mean. She told me she was inspired by my posts, and that there are very few people that inspired her as often as I do. Great reminder because I wasn't posting for a week or so. Sometimes you get into a funk and that was me. Thanks to both of them they reminded me to keep going in their post ways. Not to mention my God mother, who told me "Josie even if I don't like them all the time, I see your posts and they are inspiring. You have grown up so wise." Thank you to everyone who is inspired by my struggles. I do it for you. Next,

2. Do what you love, it opens doors.

I've been saying I wanted to start my blog, start my YouTube channel, finish my films etc. It's been super hard starting, and even harder continuing. But you have to keep going. I'm going to tell myself. "Keep going Josie! Keep working." Take those captive thoughts telling you you'r not good enough and just shut them down and keep going. Your talents will make room for you, but your character will keep you there.

3. It's okay to fall, but don't stay there

Sometimes you just want to fall and stay there. Sometimes you just wished that the pain wasn't invisible and maybe it was physical, so that the people around you could actually see how much you are hurting. I know, I have wished this over myself many times. But what a horrible thing to speak over yourself. instead, speak life! Speak Word, bible, affirmations over your situations. You just gotta encourage yourself sometimes, you just gotta. People may not see or understand. God may be silent and unresponsive and you may just want to quit and throw in the towel. But you will soon realize, there is not towel to throw. You have come to far to stay here, and you just need to push yourself a bit more to get there.

The difference between people who succeed and people who fail is that they keep going.

Be the bear,

Or the chick, Just don't give up.

As always,

- SIGNED jla, signing out.

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