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I am Josie La Corte - SIGNED jla, a multi-talented creative from the beautiful city of Toronto. I create & curate pretty things, and the people that know me, know I do a lot. This is where you, get to know me, & I , break it all down for you.


I am super passionate about the arts and the people who create it. 

Being well-versed in graphic design, film, fashion, jewelry, music and photography,

I have developed this skill to curate and promote the good stuff.  I hate titles, but I like to call myself a Creative ConciergeI've embraced that I don't have to focus on one thing, and consulting artists, creating content and marketing it, are my fortes. I have an eye for what's about to blow. My plan is to inspire and unite brands to work

with local upcoming talent, and to bridge the gap between art & business.


I am called to inspire this generation. 

As a speaker, I actively inspire artists and entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and to take  action towards making their dreams a reality. I love speaking to young people, because sometimes you need an example that looks just like you. It hits kinda close to home. Shows you that it's possible, you know?

I am undoubtedly called to this city, but ultimately, I know that the world is my stage. 
Join me on my journey, to sparkling a little brighter, 

- SIGNED jla


Before things got good, they got hard. When I was in elementary school and the beginning of high school I was bullied pretty badly. Yeah me. I remember crying and thinking why don't I fit in, why they wouldn't stop spreading rumors or sharing my secrets. 2009 is when I realize, that I was made to be different. Set apart. And that I didn't have to dumb myself down for no one. I was made to stand out. AND I,  Josie La Corte, was called for a greater purpose. This all lead me to getting saved, and I gave my life to Jesus the beginning of 2011 (now a youth leader at my church, yay!) While God was showing me the ins of the industry world, He was also drawing me closer to Him. (I'll share the full story on my blog one day.)


2011 is when things really started to become serious for me.

Growing up in the midst of Toronto's top creators, I have learned: Collaboration is the key to success. As a Remix Project Alumni (woot woot Round 7.0)-  in simple terms, I have rubbed shoulders and been mentored by some of Drake's confidants. Shh. Well it's not a secret. Remix is helping young creatives take up space in the city, and continues to help put Toronto (and now Chicago) on the map. At Remix I was in the Creative Arts Faculty. I was accepted for graphics (and was one of 30 total participants, out of almost 300 participants to apply), but along the way I started a clothing line, creating one of a kind pieces from thrifted items and handmade jewelry. I ended up being the first participant to have their own fashion show at graduation. Big. I am so greatful (that's how I spell it- full of greatness) to have been a part of this journey with such amazingly talented souls.


In 2011, I also "dropped out" of University.

Or made the choice not to go back after my first year at OCADU. I had been teaching myself graphic design since the age of 13, after being super inspired by the ever so talented Karla Moy aka hustlgrl. Though I still do graphics till this day, I couldn't see myself finishing a 4 year long degree. So I didn't. I realized as an artist, people look at your portfolio, and though formal training is cool, your work is what's going to get you the job.

School, work, and school again. 

I didn't 'formally' work or go to school for the next 3 years, (after I worked retail for 2 months, but quit cause I wanted to go to youth service on Saturdays.) My parents thought I was insane. I eventually got a job I wasn't qualified for (watch video here) and got fired 4 months later. Yeah, what a journey. In the midst of that. God told me to go to film school. I applied. And 3 days later, I was in class. What? Right! (watch my testimony video here)

They didn't look at my transcripts, grades. Nothing! That's where I stated a journey I knew I needed to be on (dream confirmations that I'll talk about on the blog.) 

I graduated from Film School in 2016 yay! 

   (The ceremony was 2017 though) But I wasn't that excited at all. I even got selected as the film production valedictorian! & I had no emotions towards this so called accomplishment. Actually, I didn't even post any pictures on social media about it (that's where the news hits first right?) I was in a pretty low place in life, and I just couldn't see the point of someone being happier about my accomplishments than I was (you know those graduation posts get hundreds of likes for some reason.) I just didn't see it as anything big. I wanted to be happy about it, but I just wasn't. So here you go, sneak peek of my graduation. Ta Da!


Time passed, and now we're here.

With all this creative energy inside of me, and living as authentic as I can be, I had to do something about it.

That's where this site comes in. It's the hub of all things Josie. My gifts, talents, skills and thoughts. And though it may not be perfect, it's me. I realized I have to put something out there in order to make it better. I read a quote once that said, "You can't edit what you don't write." So this is me. Writing. (I almost failed English in high school, and this is still crazy for me.) This is me, giving you a place to see what I do. The graphic design, the motivational speaking, the fashion, the art - the everything. I am exactly where I need to be. And so are you.

Thank you joining me on this journey,

I promise, you won't regret it, 

- SIGNED jla

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